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Choosing the right datacenter approach:

Colocation or on-premises all-in-one datacenter solution?

Nowadays, there are several types of datacenters, each designed to meet specific requirements and cater to different business needs. The critical decision of selecting the appropriate form of datacenter infrastructure must be carefully considered for your organisation. 

The biggest question is, shall we BUY or BUILD?

Colocation offers space-saving possibilities and increased reliability through shared facilities and redundant power/connectivity. However, it comes with potential drawbacks such as higher running costs, the need for effective communication, and dependency on the tier level of the facility.

Colocation typically involves signing contracts with data center providers, which can result in long-term commitments of 24-36 months, limiting flexibility. 

All-in-one datacenter solution is a single lockable racking system already consists of all the necessary equipment including UPS, fire suppression, monitoring and a cooling system. The self-contained nature of the solution offers a cost saving benefit as no chilled water is required and no need to build a proper server room. It has a greater control over the infrastructure when adapting to changing business needs.

The solution is 100% relocatable further increase the flexibility when relocation is required.


Colocation Solution

● Save space
● Save IT manpower on server room support
● More reliability – depends on tier level

All-in-one Datacenter Solution 

● Save space 
● Maintenance by vendor
● High reliability model is available
● Save running cost – No chilled water is required
● No need to build a proper server room
● Internal communication, fast and direct
● 100% relocatable, has better control of the decision and cost


Colocation Solution

● High running cost
● Rack rental fee
● Lease line fee (connectivity between office & data center)
● Need more time on communication
● Contract binding: 24-36 months

All-in-one Datacenter Solution 

● Require initial investment spending

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