Campus Infrastructure

IInstalling and managing underground cables from building to building on a large campus can be very complex. In order to design and plan for a long-term IT infrastructure project, you need to consider multiple factors, including equipment brands that can fit your budget constraints.

DCL has been an expert in providing comprehensive setup service for campus infrastructure since 1995. The implementation period for campus infrastructure is relatively long – normally from 3 to 6 months or even as long as a year, a good planning is therefore very important. Our IT and E&M specialists can help you to overcome all kinds of challenges you may encounter during different stages from design, implementation, testing & commissioning to IT relocation.

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Let our expert team do the planning for you!

Network infrastructure
Structured Cabling System for Inter And Intra Buildings
Server Room Subsystems for the Campus
Physical Security System
Datacenter Setup
IP Communication System
Testing & Commissioning in phases
IT equipment relocation Service
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