We will be there, whenever you need IT.

DCL devoted to providing high-quality and comprehensive service. In any case that you wish to raise inquiries on support service such as emergency call, site inspection service, service enhancement, system enhancement recommendation, service satisfaction level, complaints, billing, service charges, and other service information etc, please feel free to call our hotline, our customer service for assistance.

Service Commitment

DCL provides quality onsite preventive maintenance service regularly by qualified engineers/technicians for proactive checking, clean up and diagnostic health testing to ensure the environment facilities can be operated normally.

24/7 Or 5/8 Emergency Support

DCL emergency support service is 7 days x 24 hours and other options for your choice. We have internal escalation flow controlled.

Dedicated Help Desk

DCL dedicated a local phone hotline for supporting and troubleshooting services.

Dedicated Engineering Team

DCL offers a comprehensive IT service assurance plan service. Our experienced engineers are well trained and skillful. They are able to deal with the potentially complicated problems effectively.

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