Excelware is an environmental friendly manufacturer who specializes in developing and producing high quality data & Tele-communication products. With over 2 decades of experience in providing structured cabling system, Excelware products are accredited to worldwide quality standards. Our core product series include:

1. Optical Fiber (Indoor and Outdoor)
2. LAN Cable (Cat 3 to Cat 8, SFTP, UTP, FTP with LSOH)
3. Voice Cable(pairs to 100 pairs)
4. Cabling Accessories
5. UPS
6. Networking Enclosure
7. Rack PDU

Striving for excellence, Excelware emphasizes not only on quality control, but also on research and innovation. Excelware products and technical know-how have been widely deployed in many scalable projects, and are well recognized by end-users and partners, across a wide range of industries, Banking and Finance, Securities, Logistics, Retail, Telecom, Construction and Engineering, etc.


Excelware Full Set Catalogue

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